The Monomeal Challenge

monomeal challenge

I am starting the Monomeal Challenge!  People ask me what I eat and ask for recipes.  My problem is that although I do eat a few times each day, I tend to spend very little time in the kitchen.  Most of my food is 100% prepared by Nature.  I find that a very satisfying way to eat is to have mono meals.  This means that you have one type of food for an entire meal.  This usually turns out to be a fruit.  And so, I wondered what I should do.  I initially thought that I cannot just put up a picture of a fruit and say:  Here, that’s the recipe.  But now that I have thought about it, why not?  This is what I eat.  And so, hopefully my monomeal challenge will serve as inspiration for people interested in changing their diet to a low fat raw vegan diet, comprised of fresh, raw, ripe and hopefully organic fruit and veggies.

The Monomeal Challenge

The Challenge is to each day take a picture of a monomeal and post it on the blog.  Then, I get to enjoy that meal.

This should help me stay on track with healthy eating and hopefully improve my photography skills.

You can follow along on my monomeal challenge here.