Raw Food Wraps

Raw Food Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce Wrap

Here is something you can make quickly for a snack or light dinner:  Raw Food Wraps.  Just open your fridge and take a look at what you have.  Ideally you will be a happy owner of some kind of lettuce, large leafy green or perhaps red cabbage.  If so, then you will quickly be able to make a nice meal for yourself, and perhaps someone else as well.

How to Make a Raw Food Wrap – The Basics

Raw Food Wrap Ingredients

  1. Large leaves
  2. Creamy sauce
  3. Veggies
  4. Possibly another sauce

1.  Large Leaves

Whatever leaves you have will probably work well.  Iceberg lettuce will feel very light and crispy.  Kale and cabbage will be more chewy and give more of a flavor.  If you are using cabbage or something with a thicker stem you may want to filé off part of the stem so that it is not so thick.  This way it will be easier to wrap and easier to chew.

2.  Creamy Sauce

Make a nut, or avocado based sauce.  A nut based sauce would contain some nuts that you might currently have (macademia, cashew, brazil nuts,…).  It would also have a piece of lemon, or lemon juice for something slightly acidic.  It might have some olives, for a salty taste.  It might contain some garlic.  You might also add a tomato.  All of this would be mixed in a high speed blender.  If you are going for a Mexican style raw food wrap you could make guacamole based on an avocado.  If you are more into Asian food, then perhaps a mixture of avocado with white miso would fit you best.

3. Veggies

Apples and Broccoli for a Raw Food WrapWhatever you have in your fridge will probably work well.  Use the ingredients in the pictures for inspiration.  I usually really like zucchini.  Then, depending on your mood and fridge contents, you might use broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, mesclun salad, olives, etc…  If you are willing to experiment add some fruits like apples for a little sweetness or some other fruits you have around you.

4. Possibly Another Sauce

If you like Italian food, you may want to make an Italian tomato sauce with Italian herbs to top it all off.  If you are going for that Mexican taste, perhaps a hot salsa sauce would combine well with a guacamole as the creamy sauce.  Just mix the sauce ingredients in your high speed blender and you will be ready to start making those wraps.  Just make sure that your sauce is not too runny.  If you are using tomatoes, do not use the runny part of them where they have their seeds, or you might end up with too much water.  Add some sun dried tomatoes to your fresh, de-seeded tomatoes for the sauce.

Making the Wrap

Once you have all the ingredients start with your leaf.  Add some of the creamy sauce and spread it out.  Do not use too much of it though.  You do not want to end up with a high fat food.  Then add the veggies and finally the extra sauce.

Inspired Wrap Creations

Depending on your leaf, you may want to serve it open or wrapped.  Here are three variations on simple ice-berg lettuce.  The first is a half open variation, inspired by … a sea shell.  The Second one is a cup variation, inspired by … the image of a swan.  And the third one is a simple wrap… no particular inspiration… perhaps a closed shell? :)

Shell Formed Lettuce WrapLettuce Swan Wrap

Have fun creating your artful Raw Food Wraps!

Raw Food Lettuce Wrap