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Golden Kiwi Monomeal

golden kiwi monomealAs I am currently in New Zealand it is only fair to start off the Monomeal Challenge with a golden kiwi monomeal.   Golden kiwis are sweeter than green kiwis and therefore easier to eat in large quantities.  As kiwis are in season, they are ripe, abundant and the cheapest fruit around.  And so I will probably have many more kiwi monomeals to look forward to.  Hopefully this will not turn into a Kiwi mono meal blog.

Golden Kiwi MonomealThe idea of eating monomeals is that Nature will provide me with a perfect combination of nutrients that my body will easily digest and absorb.  And so I do not have to look at the individual nutrients.  But it can be interesting to get a feel for what the food contains.  And so, here is some nutritional info:

Nutrition Information for the Golden Kiwi meal:

11 small sized kiwis give you

510 kcal

86 E% carbohydrates

7 E% protein

7 E% fat

They are an extremely abundant source of vitamin C,  773 mg  (which is about 12 times the recommended daily intake).  They are also a good source of calcium.  This meal will cover half of my daily calcium intake.  They are very abundant in vitamin K and they are a good source of potasssium, copper, and manganese.

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