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Banana Turtle Monomeal

Banana Mono meal

Bananas are a rather calorie-dense fruit and they are usually easy to find.  What many do not realize is that bananas are not fully ripe until they get some brown speckles on them.  Before that time, they still have a bunch of starch in them.  Eating a larger quantity of such bananas can give you a bit of a stomach ache.  It is easy to ripen bananas.  Just put them in a paper bag, preferably with an already ripe banana or apple.  Also, put it in a rather warm place.

Banana TurtleNutritional Information for the Banana Monomeal

6 medium bananas

630 kcal

93 E% carbohydrates

4 E% protein

3 E% fat

They are a good source of electrolytes and a great source of vitamin B6.

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  1. Guadalupe
    Posted June 27, 2013 at 8:03 am | #

    Love Dole bananas its my favorite fruit!

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