Welcome to my Monomeal Challenge!

The Challenge:

1.  Take a picture of a monomeal each day.

2.  Eat the monomeal.


Eating food that has been designed, produced and served by Nature is the healthiest way to live and can help you fulfill your highest potential.    Eating a low fat raw vegan diet means eating fresh, ripe, raw, preferably organic fruits, berries, vegetables and greens.  The best way to eat them is as a mono meal, meaning one type of food at a time until you are satisfied.

Hopefully this will keep me on my healthy eating path and improve my picture taking skills.   And who knows, perhaps it will even serve as inspiration for other wannabe monomealers out there to give it a go.

As I am dedicating a whole blog to mono meals, I figure that they deserve at least to be a word, monomeals.