Inspired Living Programs

Inspired Living Programs

What is Inspired Living?

Living an inspired life is about freely and  purposefully expressing your inner being.  It is to live with a sense of freedom and a mindset of abundance.  Your actions become conscious, inspired acts instead of automatic reactions programmed by lack-full thinking.  More and more of your day becomes inspired, as opposed to motivated.  Your focus is mainly on that which brings you joy.

How do you lead an Inspired Life?

The posts on the blog may help inspire you in some areas.  They are mostly sporadic expressions of my own inspiration.  But to help those who are interested, and because I have been asked to do it I will, in time, put up entire programs guiding you along the way step by step.

Aspects of an Inspired Life

A Healthy Body

Creating a healthy lifestyle will give you a tremendous boost in terms of self-empowerment.  Not only will it provide you with a healthy, vibrant body that is filled with energy.  It will also greatly improve your sensitivity and ability to use your emotions.   I would recommend switching to a low-fat, mostly raw, vegan diet.  You can find some of my favorite raw food recipes here and read more about the health benefits of such a diet at Perfect Health 101.

A Healthy Mind

Learning how your mind works and how to use it to create the a joyful life is very rewarding.  This is what the Inspired Living Programs will mainly focus on.

Inspired Living Programs

1.  Meditation

Inspired Meditation CourseThis is a powerful way of creating a basis from which you will be able to operate.  Besides the stress lowering benefits, it provides you with a tremendous ability to focus in an effortless way.  It also creates a gateway to the deeper parts of yourself, that are responsible for running all sorts of automatic reactions.  Now, you will be able to choose your reactions, so that they become helpful responses instead.  The skills you will learn here will also serve you if you should choose to pursue a more spiritual quest.  With some additional instruction you will, for instance, find them useful for activities such as astral travel.