Step One – Feel Good

That which you really want the most, you can have… right now.

How?  You can give it to yourself, right now.  You actually hold that power.  Let me explain it through a little story…

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Whatever we do we usually do because we believe that we will feel better in some way because of it.  We have been trained into that way of living.  And so, often we end up struggling and doing things we do not really want to do.  But it does not have to be that way.

Guess what?  Feeling good is a habit.  It is something that you can practice and then train yourself into doing, just as you do with every skill that eventually becomes a habit.  It can become your habitual response to your surroundings.

Feeling Good Exercise

Every thing has positive and negative aspects.  Why not choose to focus your main attention on the positive side.  Use the negative to give you a clear direction as to what it is you want.  The moment you experience something you do not like, smile!  Be happy because now you actually clearly know what you do want.  You usually want the exact opposite.  Focus on it.  Feel it.

Soon you will start experiencing all the bonuses of living with inspired action.  Inspired action is actually the main idea behind  — acting from inspiration.  Act from a place of joy and fulfillment and watch your life take off into unchartered joy territory.

Bonuses of Inspired Living

  • You will feel happy and joyous most of the time
  • You will experience a feeling of flow in your life
  • You will find that everything tends to work out for you in an effortless way
  • You will free up energy for your body to heal itself

Feel good

Make feeling good your priority and look for things to feel good about, where ever you may be looking.