Inspirational Movies

Making an Inspirational Movie

Most of us know, at least on some level, that we become what we think about.  Whatever we focus our attention on will sooner or later manifest in our life in some way.

A problem many of us experience is that we tend to focus on the lack of things, and consequently manifest more of it.  By focusing on what we want and generating positive feelings around it, we can playfully inspire action that will lead us towards that which we want.

A wonderful too to use are inspirational movies.  Let me give you some background and then share one of my movies with you.

How Inspiration Worked For Me

I once was interested in doing yoga in the mornings.  I wanted to get into a routine, so that I would do my yoga every morning.  The problem was that whenever I tried I usually managed to force myself to do it only for a few days, at most.  I could have used some more discipline.  I had done that on occasions before.  But my concern was that by using discipline I was simultaneously overriding my intuition and teaching myself not to listen to my own feelings.  There had to be another way.

What I ended up trying was the following.  Every day I would spend approximately 2-5 minutes sitting comfortably in an armchair dreaming about the joys of doing morning yoga.  It would usually start out something like this… “I wake up and feel totally refreshed.  As I look at the clock I see that it is not even 6 yet.  I have this urge to do yoga.  I cannot stop myself from grabbing my yoga mat and in the early silence of the morning starting my yoga session.  Every posture feels amazing.  The stretches are liberating…”  and so on.  You probably get the idea.  The important part was that I was actually feeling all the wonders of it while I was imagining it.

After my 2-5 minutes of imagination I would go about with my day as usual.  I would make no other effort what so ever.  After about two weeks of imagination journeys I found that one day I woke up and felt very refreshed and rested.  As I looked at the clock, it was not even 6.  And I had this urge to do yoga.  From that day, I did yoga every morning for the next couple of months.  And the interesting part was that I never did it out of discipline.  I only did it because I happened to wake up at that time and really felt like doing it.

Inspiration is such a great power to tap into.  But for many reasons we tend to stop ourselves from it.  In order to make it even easier here is my gift to you…

Inspirational Movie – Being Raw

One of my challenges has been to stay on the Raw Food path.  I know, logically, that it is so much better for me than cooked food in all sorts of ways.  I can feel the difference in my own body.  And yet, at times I still feel that I would like to have some of the cooked food I used to eat.  With discipline I can stop myself from eating the cooked food.  But I would much rather inspire myself towards the raw food.

Here is my inspirational movie about being raw:

YouTube Preview Image

If you like it, and are perhaps on your own path towards a healthier diet, I suggest that you watch it every day and try to really feel it, adding your own emotional content to it as you watch it.   Adding your own emotional content means that when you, for instance, see the picture of the grapes you imagine what they taste like, or how it felt when you picked grapes from the vine when you were small and the grapes were still warm from the sun.  With every image you try to associate a positive emotional response.

These types of movies are really simple to make.  My suggestion would be that you made your own movies, with images and affirmations that resonate with you.  This way you could put your emotional potential to work on your preferred subject.

Inspirational movies can be powerful tools for transformation, not to mention a lot of fun to watch, as they generate a sense of well-being while you watch them.  They may also trigger your imagination and get you on the path of thinking positively about what you want, while feeling great.

I would love to hear how they are working for you.