Inspired Living is all about Freedom and Following Your Highest Excitement.

It is about Empowered Living.


Inspiration comes from your inner joy, your source, your inner or higher self, your spirit.  Inspired living is about freely expressing your inner being by following your highest excitement.  It is action that originates in the fullness of you.

The opposite would be motivation.  This is action that originates in lack.  You are no longer willing to put up with a lack or suffering and feel compelled to do something about it.  The good part is that if you fully turn your attention to that which you now clearly know you want, so that you are able to feel it, you can act in inspiration again.

You are a free and powerful being!

You are free to choose and create joy, health, happiness and whatever you decide.  Listen to your own inner guidance and follow Your bliss.

On these pages you may follow along on my inspired living journey…

May it inspire you to follow your own,